Sesame Sticks

I think that this Sesame stick is close to a breadstick.

Because it's crunchy and rich (and so additive ^^). But it's a lot easier than breadsticks, as it's not using yeast, you don't have to knead, and when shaping, you just cut it into pieces, no need to do anything else.
Well, sesame is one of my favorite foods. A sweet that contains a lot of sesame always wins my heart, haha such as sesame bar. But the downside of the sesame bar is it's too sweet to eat.  
But our sesame stick is not coming with sweetness, each bite you will find richness from sesame with a lightly salty taste. Because we roast the sesame before using, the sesame stick is very fragrance too. I can eat a lot of it at one sitting, haha.
You can turn this recipe into a dairy-free version by changing the milk into nut milk. 
English: Sesame Sticks สูตรภาษาไทย: งาแท่ง 日本語のレシピ:ごまスティック Youtube: งาแท่ง/ Sesame Sticks/ ごまスティック

Sesame Sticks Makes 22 sticks

30 g ...................... White sesame seeds 100 g .......…

Wholewheat sourdough starter

Actually, I wanted to share a sourdough Focaccia recipe.

But I remembered that there was no sourdough starter recipe in my blog ^^".  Many of you might already have the sourdough starter but this one is for the people who never try making it before.  I used the recipe from SOURDOUGH BREAD MASTERCLASS WITH PATRICK RYAN (you can click the link to see the original recipe).  I found this recipe is very good, as it's easy to follow and the sourdough that you get will be very active and it's so strong, haha. Sometimes I forgot to feed it for almost 20 days, and it's still fine ^^.
Anyway, if you already had a sourdough starter, you don't have to make it again, just use the one that you have ^^.
Starting your sourdough starter is not hard, the only thing that you have to pay attention to is cleanliness. I clean and soak the bottle, lid, and spoon in boiling water for a few minutes before putting the flour and water into the bottle for the first time. After the sourdough star…

P & J Cookies

Well, it's time for a cookie recipe again.

Actually, there are only 3 types of baked goods that I make a lot lately, it's a cookie, cake, and bread. No matter how much I love to bake and cook, I can only make the thing that I (and my family ) will eat and finish it. My family members love something simple, and if they love something, I will have to make it again (and again, and again, haha).  Lately, they love to eat cheese-stuffed Naan bread and Focaccia, and I have to make it every week.
Now, the only kind of baked goods that I can try new recipe is a cookie ^^".
Today is a new recipe for peanut butter lovers, but it comes with jam so you can call it P&J cookies! I think a slightly tangy taste from berry jam goes well with rich and salty taste from the peanut butter. If you love to eat a P&J sandwich, this P&J cookie might become your new favorite too.

English:  P & J Cookies สูตรภาษาไทย:  พีแอนน์เจคุกกี้ 日本語のレシピ:ピーナッツバターとジャムクッキー Youtube: พีแอนน์เจคุกกี้/ P & J …

Strawberry Baked doughnut

I baked a lot last week.

But didn't have anything to share, haha. As most of the things that I made were already posted, and new things that I tried was not perfect yet, I need to adjust the recipe before sharing them with you. This doughnut is one of the recipes that I had to make it many times until it turns out good enough (in my opinion, hehe). Cute chocolate-covered strawberry baked doughnut, that's soft and filled with strawberry fragrance from strawberry jam. 
Because you don't have to fry it, the baked doughnut is very easy to make, plus it's healthier too. For this recipe If you don't have a doughnut pan, you can bake it using muffin pans. And if you don't want to cover it with white chocolate, serving it plain is delicious too. 
English: Strawberry Baked doughnut สูตรภาษาไทย: โดนัทสตรอเบอรี่แบบอบ  日本語のレシピ:いちご焼きドーナツ Youtube: โดนัทสตรอเบอรี่แบบอบ /Strawberry Baked doughnut/ いちご焼きドーナツ

Strawberry Baked doughnut Makes 10 doughnuts 8.5 cm doughnut pan

Doughnut 40 g ....…